General Terms Make Offer Direct - Internet Listing Service

Equipment listing services on  or any other affiliated domains collectively called "Internet Listing Service’’. By completing a company or single user registration into this internet listing service you agree to comply with the conditions and terms of use as detailed below.  Please review the below terms carefully:


1.Information on internet listing service

1.This platform an ‘’internet listing service’’ provides for a public marketplace for end users, dealers, traders manufacturers, distributors, product resellers, agents, financial institutions and corporate advisory firms to find, buy and sell heavy vehicles, transportation, heavy lifting and industrial machinery. The internet listing service provides a weekly and monthly update of selected new and used vehicles and machinery from leading manufacturers and retailers and from within the corporate services marketplace.

2. also make our internet listing service available to private sellers and sole traders within the industrial equipment marketplace, our objective is to provide value, market, display, digitally connect and advertise to bring sellers in contact with buyers, thus providing equitable solutions. The internet listing service is a published listing service and we advertise equipment to a global market.

3. Prior to any live advertisement a ‘consignor sales agreement’ is entered into regarding the sale of any new or used item / machine offered for sale by a consignor on the internet listing service. The ‘Asset / Equipment’ will be advertised and the terms of any sale will be agreed between the buyer and seller directly through and online process under these terms and conditions.

4. will not be involved in any sales transaction or the purchase contract. All details of the ‘Asset / Equipment’ are provided by the seller and will ensure complete transparency and the most accurate ‘Asset / Equipment’ listing of information provided. While every effort is taken to ensure equipment accuracy is not responsible for the information presented in the advertisement in the internet listing service.

5. The purpose of the advertisements published in the internet listing service is solely to advertise, market and inform and to ‘Create / Connect and Convert’ opportunities. strongly advise that before any ‘Asset / Equipment’ is purchased that is advertised for sale, it is the buyer’s responsibility to check with the seller all the details that may affect the buyer’s purchase decision.  

6. If you purchase an item and decide to use any affiliate service provided within this internet listing platform (financing, valuation or transportation service) any contracting partner you employ is deemed to be working in tandem with the seller and not


2. Registration to use the ‘internet listing service’


1. To register as a user (consignor / seller or buyer) at , please complete the registration pages in full and enter the user data requested and agree to comply with the terms and conditions which have been provided to you before registering as a user (through the hyperlink provided at registration).

2. will store the information you provided in line with our privacy and data policy (see below), your registration is a one-time event ensuring that each time you use the internet listing service your details will be secured and accessible using your unique username and password.  Your username and password that must be kept safe from access for unauthorized persons, in the event that a third party has gained access to your user name or password you must notify immediately, not until the message is received, you are responsible for the use of the Internet Service with your username and password.

3. You accept the terms of the internet listing service by completing your registration, you certify that the information you have provided is correct and agree without delay to notify by e-mail at [email protected] if your details change.

4. reserves the right to refuse registration without giving any reason and may terminate your user rights if the information provided is insufficient or incorrect or if you have neglected to notify changes to any item that has previously been approved for listing. deny you the right to access your account to the internet listing service and suspend and / or cancel your account if any of the terms and conditions of usage are breached.


3. Data protection and use of cookies


1. At all times will respect all users' privacy and will with all intentions and means strive to prevent the misuse of personal data provided to this internet listing service. Your data is collected and stored on servers in the UAE.

2. may use our client information and supply to third party service providers to support the growth services and products provided by This is solely to support and its business operations and services, any information transferred to third parties is carried out via contractual obligations and through technology means and is for the use of and not for the use of third parties to promote their goods or services directly to you.

3. At the request of the user may use your information and transfer it to affiliate providers of supplementary products finance solutions providers, suppliers of used machinery and services at the request of the user only.


Please refer to our Privacy & Data Security Policy which also includes information about the use of cookies by As a registered user you hereby provide your consent and agreement to our Privacy & Data Security Policy, including the use of cookies.




4. How to use this service and website


1. You must be aged 18 years or over to use this Website; by creating an account you warrant to us that you are aged 18 years or older. This Website is recommended for businesses only (private sellers of industrial assets) and is not a consumer based platform.  

2. For items that have a ‘Make Offer’ status you must be fully registered before you can enter or submit a bid or valid offer on a make offer ‘Asset/Equipment’.  Once registered and logged in then you can only participate to make a valid and binding offer which we will provide directly to the seller for their acceptance or rejection.

3. It is hereby acknowledged and you agree that as a registered buyer, you will be bound by all terms and conditions and any contract will be between you (as the successful bidder) and the seller on any make offer item where your bid or offer is accepted by the seller.

4. It is hereby agreed that

a. You will provide fully accurate, and up to date information as required by the registration pages on this platform;

b. That you will update and maintain the accuracy of your registration information;

c. You will not post any information or items that will be malicious with an intent to deface the internet listing service and

d. You agree to report any misuse of this platform or any misleading or inappropriate material


5. Publishing an advertisement


1. Registered sellers or consignors can upload the ‘Assets / Equipment’ they wish to sell through our automated posting system, any advertisement that is provided to is interpreted as a request to have the advertisement published on our internet listing service.

2. will provide sellers with the steps to upload an ‘Asset / Equipment’ in the correct manner however it is the seller's responsibility to specify and complete accurately the category of the site each advertisement must be published; will provide the seller / consignor with the facility to transfer their listings on to their own used machines listing on its own website and/or the seller's own internet service.

3. Any user of this internet listing service is responsible for making sure that it has acquired necessary rights and permissions to the content produced by it to the Internet Service. The content produced by it should not infringe any intellectual property rights or other rights of any other person or entity and should not contain statements or material the publication of which may give rise to liability to damages or liability for  

4. Any advertisement that fails to meet the standards suitable for publication, will contact the seller via email to inform on the reasons why, reserves the right to remove any content immediately without further notice to the seller and to terminate the usage rights of a seller or buyer that is using the internet listing service in a manner not suitable to the standards set by An advertisement will only apply to one ‘Asset / Equipment’ either new, used vehicle or machine.
5. It is our duty to assist sellers to ensure accuracy of advertisements however it is the seller´s responsibility to ensure that the advertisement contains the correct information and product data relevant to the ‘Asset / Equipment’ listed, its condition and statistical information, will ensure that full ethical and compliance is maintained between sellers and buyers, in compliance with local and foreign laws, government regulations and in line with good business practice.

6. Information contained in your advertisement you are hereby agreeing to comply with all information on price and warranty and other information you provide in your advertisement, should you sell your item during course of the listing on you must ensure we are informed in order to have it removed.
7. By advertising your ‘Asset / Equipment’ on the ‘internet listing service’ holds the right to utilize or copy the material in full or part in other advertising media or publications. 
8. While every effort is made to ensure accuracy of the advertisement, it will not be possible for to verify whether that the ‘Asset / Equipment’ details provided by the users or sellers is accurate. Those accepting the information provided in any listing are fully liable for any costs and damages that may be incurred.

9. Any listing will not be charged for should it be cancelled or removed from the site prior to its publication.

10. Prior to publication all seller advertisements will be vetted and stored in a ‘pending approval status’ prior to approval and will not immediately visible on the internet listing service, this is to ensure accuracy and to protect all our customers and visitors from any potential ‘Asset’ misrepresentation, deceptive or unlawful content. Verification can take 24 – 36 hours before advertisements will be live on

11. Any enquiry or any offer made by any interested party on any ‘Asset / Equipment’ advertised will be made via the ‘internet listing service’ where will verify and forward the inquiry directly to the seller where the seller will then engage directly with the potential buyer.


6. Fees & Charges


1. Registration, viewing of advertisements, making direct enquiries to [email protected] is a free service

2. Individual advertisements on the internet listing service will be free for a set period of time, only on notification to the seller at the discretion of advertisements will become chargeable to the seller, fees will be charged per fee schedule standard pricing and VAT will be applied to each advertisement listed and full details can be found can be found within the website.

3. Any advertisement that is requested to be a published publication on completion of the notified ‘free period’ is conditional upon the fee been paid in advance. Payment can be made online via the payment gateway, via transfer or bank giro.

4. Registered clients who utilise the internet listing service on a monthly basis and who are contracted on a monthly billing cycle, post completion of any free listing period will be sent their invoices incl. VAT monthly in accordance with the fee schedule and terms of their contractual agreements.

5. Any advertisement that fails to be published where the fee has been paid for in advance, on completion of any free listing period will return fee accordingly and any reimbursement is limited to the cost of that advertisement only with no further compensation been payable. Force Majeure clause also applies to fees paid for advertisements in the event that they are not published for circumstances beyond the control of  


7. Vehicles and machinery – Advertised Information


1. All data on any ‘Asset / Equipment’ advertised within this internet listing service is provided by the seller, any data on any ‘Asset / Equipment’ condition and operational capabilities, age, usage, make or any peripheral information with regard to location and asset movement is provided by an assessment by the seller and it is their opinion of the condition and the material components of the ‘Asset / Equipment’ and not that of or any of its representatives. will not be held responsible for the correctness of such information.


8. Intellectual Property Rights


1. This website contains intellectual and property rights, its domains, website, sub domains, design, text, corporate solutions information, its corporate material slogans and images, the logo, software and program material and other material contained within the internet listing service belongs to, excluding all equipment advertisements, and any registered user, browser or any other site user hereby waives any rights in respect of such intellectual property. The material contained in this site is protected material and cannot be used by any third party in any format such as in third party publications, replication distributions or commercial event usage unless prior permission is obtained by

2. Access to your user account for this internet listing service will be obtained by using the username and the password selected by you during the registration procedure, it is your responsibility to keep this identity confidential and ensure proper usage while agreeing to be responsible for all actions that take place under your account and password while logged in.

3. As a registered user it is your responsibility to inform us should you believe that a breach in security has occurred with your username and / or password. Do not leave your computer unlocked with visible access to third parties and logout when not in use, in the event a breach of security occurs we reserve the right to refuse service and / or terminate accounts.


9. Limitation of liability – Damage Compensation


1. will endeavor at all times to ensure that this internet listing service will operate error-free, is free of all viruses, bugs and any other harmful mechanisms, however will not be held liable for any damage should computer viruses or other harmful mechanisms cause a malfunction within the internet listing service affecting the accurate display of advertisements.

2. Equipment or data been used to use this internet listing service is the responsibility of the user, will not responsible for these costs. Your internet service provider is responsible for delivering your internet service, will not be responsible for the failure or any malfunction of an independent internet service.
3. Within this internet listing service users will find links to sites of third parties (See Clause 18) that are provided by our partners and by external service providers which are independent from SamaEquip and will bear no responsibility for the content of these sites or for the products or services advertised / provided.
4. Any liability incurred under any agreement the total liability of will be capped and limited to an amount of AED 1,000 except in cases whereby is proven negligent or whereby the damage is as a result of an intentional act.


10. Availability & Usage


1. Without notice, in whole or in part can remove, amend, alter or otherwise change the contents of the internet listing service, its operational timings, technical specifications or any other content deemed fit to amend.

2. In the event of any downtime for maintenance or modification where the internet listing service becomes temporarily unavailable will not be liable for such events.


11. Amendment of Terms of Usage


1. will continue to digitally evolve and will often amend a selection of content and design of the internet listing service, thus we reserve the right to do this anytime.  Any amended terms and conditions, the user will be advised at login or via e-mail. Any amendments or process changes will become effective after log in or within 30 days after publishing of the amendments on the internet listing service (including through email).

2. If you continue to use the Internet Listing Service after the terms have been changed, you acknowledge that the new terms are binding on you even if you have registered as user prior to the new terms came into force.


12. Nullity of Terms


1. If any term general terms detailed herein is considered to be invalid, void or unenforceable, all remaining terms and conditions shall remain in full force and effect.


13. Force Majeure


1. A party is not liable for breach of contractual obligations due to obstacles that are beyond the party´s influence (e.g. strike, lockout, data communication disorder, fire, theft, water damage, sabotage, vandalism, global pandemic or any other such unexpected event), obstacles a party reasonably could not predict when concluding the agreement and the consequences which the party could not reasonably have prevented.


14. Terms of Validity


1. These binding conditions will take effect when you accept them by using this internet listing service or by registering as a user on The conditions contained therein are valid for an indefinite period. SamaEquip can and will deny the user the right to use this service if the user violates any conditions or causes an interference with other users or usage of the service.


15. Termination of Agreements


1. Either party can terminate any agreement by immediate effect if:

A. There is any fundamentally breaches or responsibilities under any agreement by either party or if any party fails to remedy within 30 days a dispute which cannot be amicably settled or after any request to terminate:
B. Any party ceases making payments, incurs bankruptcy, insolvency or becomes subject to seizure or other similar circumstance occurs that could reasonably be regarded as evidence of insolvency or liquidation.


16. Use of Subcontractors


1. will utilize and advertise the services of affiliated partners and services suppliers for the purpose of service excellence and choice


17. Hyperlinks Usage


1. Within this website there maybe hyperlinks to sites operated by other parties and affiliated advisory and partner services however are not to be held accountable for examining or evaluating them or their content and by their inclusion simply endorses their services as affiliated and trusted partners. will not incur any liability in respect of the content of any site accessed through a hyperlink contained on this website.


18. Country Limitations and Restrictions


1. Any equipment sold through the ‘internet listing service’ is not permitted to be purchased for delivery to Iran, Syria, Yemen or Sudan. While are not contractually bound to the terms of any purchase between a buyer and seller we have complete and sole discretion to intervene in any contract and cancel same if it is determined that the final destination of the equipment purchased by any buyer is Iran, Yemen or Sudan.


19. Governing Law and Dispute Resolution


1. The terms and conditions of this ‘internet listing service’ are governed under the Laws and regulations of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Should any dispute arise between the seller / buyer and SamaEquip they will be resolved by the courts of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.


20. Customer Client Care and Complaints Policy


1. At SamaEquip, our commitment to every client is personalised service with a human touch, which is embedded as a core value of our organisation.  We aim to ensure that any complaints our customers may have are identified quickly and dealt with in accordance with our client care customer charter where we commit to answering any issue within 7 working days.

2. In the event that you have any cause for complaint or wish to provide feedback with regard to our website or anything detailed therein please click on the “Contact Us” icon at the top of this page and complete the required fields.

3. Our aim is to exceed client expectations and provide clients with all the information necessary to ensure they receive optimum service and value; we strive to consistently maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct –

Our commitment to you:

  • Helping you sell your ‘Assets/ Equipment’, support your decision making process, while ultimately providing equitable solutions
  • Provide open and honest communication.
  • Conduct our business with you through honesty, integrity, care and diligence.
  • Comply with all laws, rules and regulations of the UAE.
  • Maintain and protect your data and privacy (See privacy and data policy)
  • Communicate and support openly and fairly
  • Encourage your feedback and suggestions in order to improve our services

Contact information:


Should you have any questions relating to any of the terms in the above you can email us at [email protected] or by contacting the office on 0097150 2218445