Leasing & Secured Movables Regulation

Regulatory changes that will enhance business performance and operational efficiency

We have worked exclusively with the UAE Ministry of Finance and the IFC (International Finance Corporation) as strategic advisors on the operational mechanisms and structures of Federal Law No. 8/2018 on Finance Leasing and Federal Law No 4/2020 on Guaranteeing Rights Related to Movables. These Laws will have a significant beneficial impact on ABL activities for all industry participants, lenders, distributors and end users, we are here to advise and consult with you on how you can make these regulatory changes work for you and your business, supporting the UAE initiatives to simplify the ‘ease of obtaining credit’ and ‘ease of doing business’.


  • Federal Law No. 8/2018 on Finance Leasing

    Benefits for
    • Distributors

      Ease of Liquidity
      Flexible Options
      Added Client Value
    • End Users

      Loan or Lease
      Vendor Management
      New or Used
    • Lessors

      Mitigate Finance Risk
      Vendor Partnerships
      Asset Ownership
      Ease of Recovery
  • Federal Law No 4/2020 on Guaranteeing Rights Related to Movables

    Benefits for
    • Distributors

      Finance Partners
      Secure Own Book
      Collateral Registry
    • End Users

      Obtain Credit
      Upgrade Assets
      Reduce Costs
    • Finance Co’s

      Asset Security
      Ease of Recovery
      Increase Lending
      Managed Disposal

If you are a Financial Institution, Distributor or End User, talk to us today for a professional comprehensive assessment of your operational practices and / or your asset base, how these Laws will impact your business and preparation for future changes.

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